MCQ Creation Methodologies Workshop 2015

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MCQ Creation Methodologies Workshop (MCQ-Creation)
(Date: 9-11 November 2015)

">in conjunction with London International Conference on Education 2015

"At MCQ-Creation we discuss empirical studies of MCQ creation methodologies and then suggest improvements."



For most learner communities, the documents defining the knowledge about which they must demonstrate mastery at their final assessment, are continually changing. The assessment authorities in those communities must therefore perpetually review and revise the assessment instruments employed during the assessments of learners. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are regularly used as assessment instruments by these assessment authorities. 

The MCQ-Creation Workshop brings together education and training specialists from industry, governmental examining bodies, universities and schools to examine the merits and pitfalls in traditional processes for creating Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test items. The output from the workshop will be proposals for new (or adapted) MCQ creation methodologies that are appropriate to the domains defined by the presenters.


MCQ-Creation Workshop - Call for Papers

Presenters at MCQ-Creation will give an overview of their domain of discourse (ie the context of their assessments) and will describe how they have either

  • re-defined and evaluated an established formal method for MCQ test item creation as applied within their domain of discourse.


  • re-defined and evaluated a demonstrably NEW MCQ test item creation methodology within their domain of discourse.


MCQ-Creation Workshop - Submissions Process

All those whose submissions have been accepted by the committee are invited to give a presentation to the MCQ-Creation Workshop session.

Submissions that were made before the submissions deadline will be included in the programme for the workshop.

Attendees at the MCQ-Creation workshop are also invited to submit a paper describing their MCQ-Creation methodology evaluation activities before 30 January 2016. Successful papers will be included in the MCQ-Creation Workshop electronic proceedings that will be published on this page (see link above MCQ-Creation Proceedings 2011 for example).


MCQ-Creation Workshop - Important dates

  • Online MCQ-Creation Workshop Proceedings Submissions deadline: 30 January 2016
  • Online MCQ-Creation Workshop Proceedings Publication date: 30 March 2016


MCQ-Creation Workshop - Submission Requirements

All Submissions must be submitted in .pdf format.
Abstracts can be up to 400 words and papers can be any length. For format requirements please refer to the Example paper link above.

Each submission will be reviewed by the Workshop Committee, who have experience in both academia and industry. The final decisions will be made based on these reviews. Email pdf versions of your submission attached to an email addressed to:

Welcome to the MCQ Creation Methodologies Workshop. I look forward to hearing your ideas ... and sharing some of mine of course !

Best Wishes
Robert (Bob) Foster   

  • MCQ-Creation Workshop organiser
  • LICE Phd Students Chair
  • CBT Designer/Author at Western Power Distribution
  • Phd Student at Wolverhampton University